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3 Common Types of Air Conditioning Repairs

3 Common Types of Air Conditioning Repairs

Your air conditioner contains numerous components and moving parts, which creates room for error. However, there are some critical places where our technicians see more difficulties than others. This does not imply that these parts are defective; rather, it indicates that certain parts are subjected to higher wear and strain than others. No matter what your repair problem is, it’s always a good idea to contact a professional, such as the ones at Tim & Sons services. The most-trusted HVAC Company provides Air Conditioning Services Fairfax VA AC Repair in Fairfax County VA, AC Repair in Burke VA, AC Repair in Springfield VA, AC Repair in Annandale VA.

We’ve been providing air conditioning repair to customers in Fairfax County and Surrounding Areas since 1993, and we bring this experience and expertise to every job we do. Call us today and let our AC experts get your air conditioner running again.

Common Repairs

Here are some of the more common repairs our specialists see on repair calls:

1. Problems with the compressor

The compressor in your system is in charge of pressurizing the refrigerant so that heat may be emitted. It features its own motor as well as some electrical wiring. Because it is a component that works extremely hard, many difficulties such as motor and electrical issues can arise. Because refrigerant goes through the compressor, it should only be handled by a certified technician.

2. Fan problems

Your air conditioner has two fans: the evaporator fan, known as the blower, and the condenser fan, which resides in the outdoor unit. The condenser fan aids in the removal of heat from your system, while the inside blower forces cool air into your ductwork. Belt problems, motor problems, and loose or bent blades are all common problems with fans.

3. Refrigerant leaks

Refrigerant leaks are prevalent in air conditioners, but discovering them can be difficult, which is why a refrigerant leak should be handled by a professional. Leaky refrigerant reduces the amount of refrigerant in your overall system, which can cause a variety of issues.

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