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5 Types of HVAC Systems

5 Types of HVAC Systems 2

Each HVAC system is unique based on a home’s heating and cooling requirements, location, age, existing ductwork, heating and cooling requirements, and other factors. As a result, an HVAC can assume a variety of shapes. Your HVAC professional will assist you in determining which of the following best matches your requirements.

5 Types of HVAC Systems

1. Split System

A split system, often known as a forced-air system, includes one unit inside the residence and one outside. This configuration can include a furnace and an air conditioner, an air handler and a heat pump, or a furnace and a heat pump. The ideal setup for your home will be determined by where you live. For example, in extremely cold areas, the furnace and heat pump combination works best.

2. Hybrid Heat Pump

In this scenario, the central heating system includes an electric heat pump that works in conjunction with a furnace. The heat pump heats the home during milder seasons such as spring and fall. When the weather is too cold for a heat pump to function properly, the furnace kicks in. This hybrid system, also known as a dual-fuel system, saves money because a heat pump costs less to heat a home than a furnace.

3. Ductless Mini-Split

A ductless mini-split system features an exterior unit that houses the compressor and condenser and an indoor air handler positioned in the room that blows the cooled air directly into the room. This sort of ductless system is typically used in tiny locations such as garages and workshops where a regular split system is not required. They are not appropriate for whole-house applications. These systems are typically simple enough for homeowners to install themselves.

5 Types of HVAC Systems 2

4. Ducted Mini-Split

A ducted mini-split system transports air into a room from an exterior compressor and condenser via tubes rather than bigger ducts. This method is ideal for homes with limited space for standard ductwork. When compared to ductless mini-split systems, ducted mini-splits provide superior air circulation.

5. Packaged System

A packed system includes the usual split system components. All units, however, are housed outside. This approach is ideal for households that do not have enough space inside for a heating unit. Even if you have the space for a split system, you may want to select a packaged system because it is quieter (everything is located outside the home) and has reduced installation costs (just one unit to install).

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