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9 Tips To Troubleshoot Your Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions – Tim & Sons Heating Cooling

An air conditioner provides convenience in your home or workspace, giving you a better quality of life. However, you’ll never know when your trusty buddy is going to break down or malfunction.

Your unit needs scheduled maintenance to lengthen its lifespan and to avoid breakdowns from occurring. In cases where it malfunctions out of nowhere, it needs to be repaired immediately to prevent the situation from becoming worse. Maintenance includes changing filters and cleaning.

You need to work with the best AC Contractor in Fairfax County VA to optimize your air conditioner unit’s efficiency.

1. Low refrigerant levels

AC units may be low on refrigerants if they don’t cool properly. It may be due to a leak or being undercharged. Before adding more refrigerant it is wise to check for leaks. Leaks can be a serious problem both to your unit and the environment

2. AC is not cooling


One of the most common air conditioning problems is when your ac unit is running but is not cooling. Sadly, this could be caused by several different reasons such as low refrigerant levels, a dirty air filter, or its condensate drain is blocked.


You must also check if there is ice around the coils or if the outdoor compressor is messy. Or it may just be really hot outside. Most air conditioning units can only cool up to 20 degrees lower than outside air temperatures.

3. Hot air comes out instead of cold air


This is one of the most frustrating problems is having an air conditioning unit blowing out hot air. This is often caused by a dirty air filter because this causes flow problems. It may also be that you are low on Freon.


Make sure that the unit outside is running and check for debris such as leaves and others that may cause airflow obstruction.

4. Air won’t come out from the registers


This will be one of the relatively easier problems to deal with. The fan on the outside unit may not be running if there is no air coming out. This usually means that the breaker has simply been tripped.


An easy fix would be resetting the breaker. It could also be that the blower belt needs to be replaced. A full condensate pump reservoir and problems with your thermostat, wiring, and control board may also be the cause.

5. AC is not turning on at all


This problem may be caused by your thermostat. Try setting the thermostat to cool and bring down the temperature setting. It is recommended to also check for faulty wiring, a blown fuse, or a tripped breaker.


You can also check for problems with the thermostat and furnace power switch. A reliable company that offers AC services in Fairfax County VA can easily resolve this issue on the same day.

6. AC unit is leaking


The condensation formed by the air conditioning units is properly drained most of the time. However, their condensation pumps may stop working or the pipes may leak or are blocked, causing a leak.


Check the electrical connections to the pump replace the pump and check for leaks on your condensation drain pipes. Clearing the drain pipe and cleaning the pump system with the use of a bleach solution may also solve the problem.

7. Strange noises coming from the AC


Noises you don’t recognize may be an indicator of an underlying problem. It’s normal for air conditioning units to make noise, but it is unusual when these noises are unfamiliar. These noises are often caused by a problem with the belt. It particularly makes a squealing sound. It may be caused by the misalignment of the belt.


It could also be that the belt needs to be replaced.

8. Unit constantly turns off


It spells problems when an air conditioning unit goes on and off repeatedly. This may be caused by a dirty evaporator. It is also likely that your condenser unit is either blocked and/or dirty.


You should check for both and clean your whole unit to make it clear from dirt and other debris.

9. Frozen coil


If you have a frozen coil, it means your AC unit is working hard while your house is staying hot. Check your refrigerant levels, as well a possible malfunction with your blower fan. Dirty air filters and other obstructions may also be the cause of this problem.


It’s can be fixed by the experts licensed HVAC Company only, hiring a local licensed & insured HVAC company to fix that is the best choice for your house.

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