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How To Choose The Right HVAC Contractor-The Tips From Experts

After using your HVAC system for a period of time, regular maintenance is essential to keep it running in best condition. Your HVAC needs replacement after using it for a decade, you can prolong its life through scheduled HVAC consultant visits by a trusted contractor.

Working with the best HVAC Contractor in Fairfax County VA means you can conveniently call for help from a professional and have your HVAC serviced in a timely manner.

Qualifications of the best HVAC Contractors in Fairfax County

Here are 7 things you need to consider

25 + Years of experiences

1.Licensing and Experience 

Do research, you have to find out what the specific requirements for license and insurance are in your local area. In most cases, contractors are required to present a certification of passed HVAC exams and technical training.

You can use these two websites to conveniently find what the requirements for your state are or you can find out if they are licensed or not: the Contractor’s License Reference Site and National Contractors.

A reliable HVAC contractor has a contract license surety bond, this is used to settle unfair transactions and it works as financial insurance for times where incidents happen in the agreement. This is a perquisite in having a license, contact your local authorities to verify if this is a mandatory requirement. There is no specified amount of the bond, it varies depending on the laws of the local government.

Ask for friends

2.Ask for Referrals

Find out people you know who have their HVAC repaired, maintained, or replaced and ask for their referrals. This allows you to find out if they did their job promptly, within budget, and without problems. You can find out if they were able to do clean installations and to oversee internal problems as well.

Since HVAC systems call for a hefty investment, you can even run your list of prospective contractors over the Better Business Bureau, so you can find out what criticisms are registered.

Ask help from local trade organizations in finding reliable HVAC contractors. You can easily spot a trustworthy company by eyeing on their trucks or mode of transportation as it should be in good running condition.

3.Special Offers

As mentioned earlier, your building’s heating and cooling system is an expensive investment. In fact, it’s one of the largest investments in your lifetime. Planning ahead of time and keeping a lookout on special offers helps in keeping your expenses at a minimum.

Look out for rebates on energy-efficient equipment or you can scout in your local area if there are any specials you can avail. While this may seem tedious, it stretches out your budget and enables you to save a few hundred dollars.

4.Written Cost Estimates

Ask for a written, itemized cost estimate from your list of prospects. This allows you to compare the bids properly, make sure to check out the cost differences, energy efficiency, and warranties. You may be tempted to avail the lowest bid, but comparing it side by side to other proposals helps you choose the better option, long-term wise.


Invest in Energy Star – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) qualified equipment to ensure efficiency. While these may be costly, you are ensured that your HVAC system meets the requirements made by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

An ideal contractor should be able to give you a calculation breakdown of using a certified Energy Star heating and cooling equipment.

6.Home Evaluation

A reliable contractor providers a thorough home evaluation service to determine the most ideal HVAC solution for your home or building space. Some HVAC contractors recommend a smaller, more compact system for the building. A contractor modifies the size according to the size, insulation level, and windows. The right HVAC contractor inspects your duct system to ensure there are no air leaks and insulation.


To make sure you are not missing anything important off records, it’s important to have everything written, starting from the first transaction.

When dealing with a hefty investment for your home, it’s better to have communication exchanged through emails than through a phone call as it allows you to keep track of promises and systems.

Only receive quotes, bids, and proposals in official writing. These are useful for references in the future in case misdealing and disagreements happen.

Before you sign any contract, scan through the paper, and check if it contains the following:

  • Complete details on the dates which the installation, replacement, or maintenance will be performed
  • Thorough breakdown of expenses, starting from labor to equipment cost
  • Due dates payments and mode of payment
  • A reasonable timeline for project completion

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