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Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning- We maintain good indoor air quality

Air Duct CleaningAir Duct Cleaning Fairfax VA Whether it’s in your home or in the office, good indoor air quality is what you need to ensure the health and well-being of the people staying there. However, it’s sometimes hard to achieve clean air when your ducts are the primary source of contaminants and pollutants, and that you should be aware of. Duct Cleaning in Fairfax VA

Regular duct cleaning is essential to maintain healthy air. While it is something that you cannot do your own, know that you can hire a trusted HVAC contractor in Fairfax County VA. Tim & Sons Services specializes in professional air duct cleaning and has been serving the community and surrounding areas like Air Duct Cleaning Fairfax VA duct cleaning in Burke Va, duct cleaning in Springfield Va, duct cleaning in Annandale VA for more than 25 years.

How can you know when the air ducts are faulty?

There are two ways to gauge if your air ducts are faulty and need cleaning: (1) Your HVAC unit is inefficient and (2) People in your home or office get sick often.

1. Defective HVAC unit

You don’t have to wait for your HVAC unit to bog down before you notice that there’s something wrong. Observe your unit if it’s working properly. When you feel that heating and cooling are not consistent that makes people inside uncomfortable, then it could be a problem with your system’s air duct. It could be dirty and clogged that limits the airflow, worst blow polluted air.

Outdoor pollutants and indoor contaminants affect your HVAC unit. Mold, dust, danders and other debris clog your air filters and ducts causing air blockage. When that happens, your unit will be compromised to work twice as hard that could lead to higher energy consumption and unit failure.

2. People getting sick

When you observe that you or your family members or workmates get sick often, suspect the quality of indoor air. It could be that the circulating air in your place is already polluted because of your clogged and filthy air ducts.

People who have respiratory conditions, allergies or illness are more susceptible to getting sicker due to air irritants. When the air is dirty, sure that molds, bacterias and viruses can thrive. Most especially now due to COVID-19 concerns that you must keep the indoor air quality healthy.

These two criteria can warrant a problem with your air ducts and that cleaning is your only way to resolve it.

To confirm your concern, our qualified technician will do a thorough check of your unit including your ducts. Duct cleaning will be recommended to improve your HVAC unit’s efficiency, thus also resolving your health issues.

How often should air ducts be cleaned?

This is a case-to-case basis as there are no industry standards as to when air ducts should be cleaned. It will boil down to experiencing the unit’s inefficiency and the health issues, both mentioned above.

Preventive cleaning and maintenance can be beneficial. Have your unit and ducts cleaned at least twice a year. But on a maximum, don’t let your air ducts go without cleaning for more than two years.

Trust your guts and when you feel that your air ducts are dirty, call Tim & Sons Services. We’ll be quick to serve your concerns.

Tim & Sons Services Does Home and Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

The most trusted heating and cooling specialist in Fairfax County VA and surrounding areas, Tim & Sons- Air Conditioning Services provide the best and most trustworthy air duct cleaning in Fairfax VA, duct cleaning in Burke VA, duct cleaning in Springfield VA, duct cleaning in Annandale VA. We’ve been in the business for over 25 years and have earned the loyalty of our customers.

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