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Commercial Refrigeration Services

Commercial Refrigeration Repair & Installation

In the age of health consciousness, food freshness and safety is one of the top priorities of not just the giants in the restaurant and food and beverage industry, but even startup companies and other businesses.

That’s why Tim & Sons Services in Fairfax County offers top-of-the-line commercial coolers and freezers of various makes and sizes to meet your specific refrigeration needs. In need of a walk-in cooler to dry age choice cuts of beef? Or a state-of-the-art fridge to be installed in the common pantry? Call Tim & Sons and a representative will do a free estimate to assess your business’ requirement.

Commercial Refrigeration Installation

commercial Refrigeration repair. commercial Refrigeration installationBecause of their complex system and tedious installation, it is best to only seek licensed technicians from Tim & Sons to assist you. A commercial freezing unit has parts that can be quite challenging for non-technicians to handle, such as the compressor, condenser and evaporator. One wrong move could affect the entire cooling operating system, which will result to even more damage and costlier repairs.

Looking for a reliable commercial Refrigeration Repair & Refrigeration Installation company? Tim & Sons your most-trusted Commercial Refrigeration services company in Fairfax VA, Burke, Springfield, Annandale VA. provides commercial Refrigeration repair, commercial Refrigeration installation in Fairfax VA, Burke, Springfield, Annandale VA.

Tim & Sons Services can assure you that their licensed technicians can make the installation process quick and less invasive so as not to hamper your operations. Our goal is to assist you in your refrigerating needs.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

You’ll know it’s time to call in the experts when one of the following occurs with your commercial cooler or freezer:

  • Unit is not “cooling” enough
  • Build up of ice in the fridge or cooler walls
  • Foul odor emanating from the unit
  • Grumbling or humming sound from the machine
  • Lighting indicators are not working
  • Freezer or cooler door not closing properly

If any of these problems are present, you can apply basic troubleshooting. However, if you are unsure of what to do or if the problem seems complicated, go with your judgment and better call a Tim & Sons expert immediately.

Types of commercial refrigeration units we service

Walk-in Cooler

Walk-in cooler chambers are best for cooling food below 41°F. With this type of refrigerated storage space, you can hold meat and dairy products.

Walk-in Freezer

A walk-in freezer is like an airconditioned storage space except that it should ideally have a temperature of 0°F. This is best for storing bulk foods and ingredients and is mostly used by food chains, restaurants, groceries, mini-marts and other businesses in the food industry.

Reach-in Cooler

Convenience store chains all use reach-in coolers to store all types of beverages, ice cubes, ice cream and even chilled food.

Reach-in Freezer

Highly versatile and used by almost all types of businesses in the food industry. Reach-in freezers are best for storing bulk ingredients to preserve their shelf life.

Tim & Sons Does Commercial Refrigeration Services

The most trusted heating and cooling specialist in Fairfax County VA and surrounding areas, Tim & Sons Services provides the best and most trustworthy commercial refrigeration services. We’ve been in the business for over 25 years and have earned the loyalty of our customers.

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