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Heating Replacement & Installation

Heating & Furnace Installation in Fairfax VA, Burke VA

Heating Installation in Fairfax VAYour heating system has kept you warm through many winter seasons and cold weather. But just like any appliance, it depreciates due to age and daily use. Aging HVAC system loses efficiency through time and causes higher energy consumption. When that situation comes, it’s time to replace your old heating system and get a new, more robust one.

If you live in Fairfax County VA and surrounding areas, you can seek the help of Tim & Sons Services to recommend replacement and install a durable and energy-efficient furnace for your home. We’ll make sure that your winters will continue to be warm and comfortable with an excellently installed heating system.

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Heating & Furnace Installation installation in Fairfax Va, Burke Va, Annandale Va, Springfield Va

Your heating or furnace system has kept you warm through many winter seasons. But just like any electrical instrument, it depreciates due to aging. What are your choices? Replacing a damaged furnace or installing a completely new heating system? What kind of furnace to use; electric furnace, gas furnace or oil furnace? Before you go to shop for a new furnace, think about consulting with a certified and licensed Heating & Furnace Installation service providers like Tim & Sons Services. We will take you through the whole procedure from buying the correct furnace to making sure it’s completely functioning.

If you require Heating & Furnace Installation, or any other furnace services, call Tim & Sons Heating & Cooling. Our expert technicians have years of experience and can help you with all of your heating installation needs.

So, Tim & Sons Services is your right choice when it comes to offering heating installation services in Fairfax Va, Burke Va, Annandale Va, and Springfield Va. Be sure to contact us at 571-436-4179 or visit our website to book an appointment with us.

With over 25 years of experience in HVAC services, Tim & Sons has built a wide range of heating installation and service in Fairfax County VA and surrounding areas. Our technicians are highly trained to install any type and brand of HVAC system with due safety and precision. Our heating installation services Fairfax VA, Burke VA , Heating Installation in Fairfax VA include:

  • Heater replacement
  • Furnace replacement
  • Heat pumps replacement
  • Oil furnace replacement
  • Heater check-up
  • Furnace tune-up
  • Heat Pumps tune-up
  • Thermostats

Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Installation

Replacing the furnace is an important decision you have to make because it entails a big cost. Weigh down your options with these essential considerations of whether to keep or replace your heating system:

  1. How old is your furnace? Your furnace age and so thus its efficiency. If it has served you for 10 years or so, consider replacing it.
  2. Does your furnace malfunction frequently? How many times have you brought it for repair in the past two years? How much did it cost you? If its repair is causing you headache and money, then you better get rid of it.
  3. How much does your energy bill cost? If it’s consistently on the higher end, maybe your old unit is not working efficiently anymore and will just cost you more money.
  4. How is its performance? If it’s getting uncomfortable due to the inconsistent and uneven indoor temperature then probably your unit is failing. If it bogs down often and can’t keep up with the demand then it can be a sign that it’s not working optimally anymore.

The most common type is a (1) Gas Furnace, which is very energy-efficient. Alternatively, you can also use an (2) Electric Furnace or an (3) Oil Furnace.

You can also use a (4) Heat Pump or a (5) Boiler when a furnace is not suitable for your home.

Here are two basic considerations when opting to change your furnace:

Physical location

Consider your geographical location when choosing a furnace replacement. When you have longer and colder winter months, then a high-powered heating unit is what you need.

Suitability to your home

Choose a heating unit that suits best your home and your expansion plans. A boiler is a better option if your home doesn’t have ay ductwork or a heat pump if you plan to add more air conditioners in the future.


You use the HVAC system to bring you comfort and convenience, but if it’s failing you in every aspect, consider replacing it.

Your most trusted HVAC contractor in Fairfax County, Tim & Sons Services can provide a good assessment of your current unit’s performance and recommend the best heating replacement when needed.

Tim & Sons Services Does Heating Replacement & Installation Fairfax VA

The most trusted heating and cooling specialist in Fairfax County VA and surrounding areas, Tim & Sons Services provides the best and most trustworthy furnace replacement and installation, Heating Installation in Fairfax VA, Heating Installation Burke VA, Heating Installation Springfield VA, Heating Installation Annandale VA. We’ve been in the business for over 25 years and have earned the loyalty of our customers.

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