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Commercial Rooftop Unit & Packaged Services

Commercial Rooftop Unit Repair & Installation

 Commercial Rooftop Unit Repair & Installation

Commercial buildings require a more powerful HVAC system to cover the larger space it occupies. For such a requirement, rooftop systems are the most cost-effective and adaptable solutions.

Rooftop systems can provide both cooling and heating to a building. Plus, it is also more flexible to install fitting over a roof, unlike a ground-mounted condensing unit that eats up landscaping space.

Commercial Rooftop Unit Repair & Installation Company in Fairfax VA provides Commercial Rooftop Unit Repair & Installation in Fairfax VA, Burke, Springfield, Annandale, VA.

Why a rooftop system is an excellent choice?

Enjoy these benefits of choosing a commercial rooftop system:

Space and money saver

A ground-mounted condenser eats up a lot of property space, plus it deteriorates the aesthetic appeal of a building. A rooftop system, on the other hand, maximized the roof space that would otherwise go unused. It saves space for more valuable use.

A rooftop unit is also cost-efficient because it harnesses the natural airflow that makes it easy for the unit to distribute the air indoors. This means that your system won’t work extra hard, thus saving on energy consumption. Reduced energy use equals to lower electricity bills.

Easy maintenance

Dirt, dust and other debris won’t pile-up on a rooftop system as much as the unit mounted on the ground. This means it would be easier to clean and maintain. Accidents are less likely to happen because it’s far from peoples reach.

A professional technician would only need to attend to the rooftop cabinet to do maintenance as compared to condensers placed on various locations. It’s also easier to inspect and detect any unit malfunction because all the components are in one place.


You can house both your cooling and heating units in a roof-mounted system. This can save you more space and better maintenance-wise.

Rooftop units can either work on gas or electricity. You can choose which power source would be more economical.

Quieter operation

When the condenser is on the ground, it creates noise that can be disturbing for people working. But when you put in on the roof, the sound it makes will be less noticeable or none at all. Relatively, rooftop units operate more quietly.

Reminder in installing a rooftop system

Bear in mind that before deciding to get a rooftop unit, make sure to check first your roof’s capacity if it can hold the unit’s weight. It’s compatible with flat roofs that most commercial buildings have.

However, installing a rooftop system is also more expensive because you have to bring up all the components over the roof. But that’s just for the initial cost only. Long-term wise, a rooftop system is a better investment in every aspect.

Our Commercial Clients

We are trusted by businesses in Fairfax County VA and the surrounding areas. They can vouch for our work and trustworthiness in delivering honest and quality service.

  • Emma’s Chicken Restaurant – Peruvian – 279 S Van Dorn St, Alexandria, VA
  • Solar Nails & Spa – 139 Centerway, Greenbelt, MD 20770
  • Pho Golden Cow Restaurant – 7246 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22042
  • Jimmy Ice Cream Shop – Larry’s Homemade Ice Cream 1633 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009
  • Pho 24 Restaurant – 4230 Annandale Rd, Annandale, VA 22003
  • Pho Golden Star Restaurant – 3537 S Jefferson St, Falls Church, VA 22041
  • Marie France’s Hair Braiding – 5858 Silver Hill Rd, District Heights, MD 20747
  • Vocelli Pizza – 6126 Rose Hill Dr, Alexandria, VA 22310
  • Poppy Nails & Spa – 1557 Potomac Greens Dr, Alexandria, VA 22314
  • BMC Smoot – 6295-20 Edsall Rd, Alexandria, VA 22312

Tim & Sons Service Commercial Rooftop Units & Packaged

The most trusted heating and cooling specialist in Fairfax County and surrounding areas, Tim & Sons Services provides the best and most trustworthy commercial rooftop systems. We’ve been in the business for 25 years and have earned the loyalty of our customers.

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