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Commercial Heating & Furnace Services

Commercial Heating & Furnace Repair & Installation

In order to maintain a conducive working environment, proper heating is necessary, particularly in the gruesome winter months. Tim & Sons Services in Fairfax County provides Commercial Furnace Repair and Installation. Proper maintenance is key for your commercial furnace unit especially in conserving energy and saving on costs. Let Tim & Sons help provide you the support you need for proper heating solutions.

Looking for a reliable commercial heating and Furnace Maintenancefurnace Repair & Furnace Installation company? Tim & Sons your most-trusted Commercial heating and furnace services company in Fairfax VA, Burke, Springfield, Annandale VA. provides commercial heating & furnace repair and commercial heating & furnace installation in Fairfax VA, Burke, Springfield, Annandale VA.

Commercial Furnace Repair

Commercial Furnace RepairFor your commercial heating units, Tim & Sons offers affordable, reliable and easily accessible repair and maintenance services so you can make sure that all your heating units are in the best working condition.

Due to the wear and tear in commercial furnaces, your unit will bog down and malfunction in time. To prevent this from occurring during the most inopportune time – in the dead of winter – let Tim & Sons conduct a preliminary inspection for any signs of poor air quality, clanking or other noises, broken thermostat, unit not heating up or emitting warm air, or an unusually high electric bill. These symptoms could mean a more serious problem with your unit and should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Commercial Heating & Furnace Repair in Fairfax VA, Furnace Repair in Burke Va, Furnace Repair in Springfield Va, Furnace Repair in Annandale VA

What to watch out for with your commercial furnace:

  • Is the thermostat working properly?
  • Does the pilot light turn on to signify that the unit is in use?
  • Is the air filter still functioning properly or does it need to be replaced?
  • Are there any obstructions blocking the ducts and vents?
  • Do you hardly feel a stream of hot or warm air from the unit?
  • Compared to previous months, is your electricity bill unusually high or increased significantly?
  • Are there any funky, burning odor coming from the furnace when it is in use?

These are but warning signs that you need to get your unit checked. If you don’t, it might cause further damage to your commercial furnace, which will result in a more costly repair or worse, require you to purchase a new unit.

Commercial Furnace Installation

Tim & Sons installs an array of high-quality commercial furnaces. All our units are made from durable and rust-resistant materials. They are also AHRI certified and ETL approved. Our furnaces are perfect for creating that ideal comfortable commercial space and suitable work environment. Commercial Furnace Installation in Fairfax VA, Burke, Springfield, Annandale VA

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Commercial Heating and Furnace Services

The most trusted HVAC Company– heating and cooling specialist in Fairfax County VA and surrounding areas like Burke, Springfield, Annandale VA, Tim & Sons Services provides the best and most trustworthy commercial heating and furnace services. We’ve been in the business for 25 years and have earned the loyalty of our beloved customers.