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10 HVAC Tips for Energy Savings in Winter

HVAC Tips for Energy Savings in Winter

As the season of winter is approaching, so saving energy will definitely result in saving money every month on your electricity bill. So, e have mention some of the best HVAC tips that will surely help you to save energy and lower your electricity bill as temperatures begin to fall.

1. One of the best way to save energy this winter is by setting your thermostat to 67 or 68 degrees. At this level, your heating system will use less energy to operate. In calculation, you should reduce your thermostat level by 5 degree before you go to sleep and also turn off your heating units when leaving your home for sometime. Doing this will definitely save around $80 to $90 on your electricity bill each year.

2. This winter you should set your water heater level to 120 degrees. Your water heater will work energy efficiently if it’s set at a lower than normal temperature. Lowering your water heater temperature below normal will consume less amount of energy to operate which will automatically reduce your electricity bill by 4% to 5% yearly.

3. You should clean or replace your furnace’s filter on regular basis. Overtime, the filter gets dirty which reduces the airflow and makes your heating device to consume more energy to operate. Cleaning your filters thoroughly will increase the airflow and will consume less energy to work.

4. This winter allow the natural sunlight to warm up your house by opening windows and switching off your heating unit.Heating up your home through natural sunlight will use no amount of energy which means no amount will be added to your electricity bill during that that time. Doing this daily for 2-3 hours can actually save a lot of energy each month.

5. Avoid washing clothes with hot water as much as you can. According to experts, washing clothes in cold water can save average of $30 to $40 on your electricity bill per year. Commercial HVAC Installation


Low Cost Tips

6. Install water efficient shower heads this winter. The reason behind it is that the water efficient shower heads reduce the water consumption by 10% which will directly lead to reduce in energy used by your water heater. This can save upto $20 on your electricity bill each year.

7. This winter replace your normal bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs. The reason behind it is that the fluorescent light bulbs consumes very less energy and gives more light as compare to normal bulbs. Replacing your normal light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs can save roughly 6% to 7% on your electricity bill every year.

8. If you want to save a lot on your electricity bill than you should weatherize your house. This can be done by a professional, hiring a local professional will check your house area thoroughly and will fix up all type of leakages and holes by weather stripping doors and windows.


Big Savings

9. The easiest and most affordable way through which you can save a lot on your electricity bill is to insulate your house properly. Make sure that the basement walls and crawlspaces are also insulated properly. A homeowner with perfect insulated house can save upto 10% on electricity bills each year.

10. Electronic appliances such as television, hvac and washing machine contribute more than 80% in your electricity bill. So, if your planning to buy a new electronic appliance then you should buy the latest model of it as latest models are more energy efficient and have more lifespan. Buying a up to date appliance will save you around 10% to 15% on your electricity bill.