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10 Tips To Save Your Air Conditioning Bills In Summer

Save AC Bills in Summer


How to Save AC Bill in Summer?

As we all know that the summer season has been arrived and all of us want to keep our homes cool by switching on Air Conditioner’s that you own or rent. Also the working hours of air conditioner’s has been increased since we most of us are in lockdown due to corona virus. In this rising period of the peak of summer, everyone wants to take the proactive measures to lower the costs of high electric bills caused by air conditioner’s. So, here are some of the best ways to ensure that you won’t experience a high rise in your cooling bill this summer.


  1. Replace your Air Conditioning system filters

One of the best ways to reduce the billing of your cooling system is to replace the air filtersevery three or four months. The reason behind it is that the air filters helps the system running fairly by preventing it from the dust particles and promotes the air circulation. But if the air filter will be dirty than it will use the higher amount of energy to keep your area cool which will lead risingin electricity bill. That’s why it is supposed to replace your system’s air filters regularly.


  1. Getting your Air Conditioning system serviced

The second best way to lower your electricity bill this summer is to have you air conditioning system serviced by hiring a local HVAC serviceman in your area. Servicing your system will clean the coils, reset the system’s refrigerant at proper level and will check the system voltage connections. After servicing your system you will definitely get to see the decrease in your electricity bills.


  1. Creating a cool roof

What if I say you can lower your electricity bills by using your roof? Yes…You can create a cool roof by applying a reflecting layer on the roof of your house. Applying reflecting layer on your roof will reflect the heat rays coming directly from the sun which will helps to keep the below roof area cool automatically. This will gradually decrease your electricity bills.


  1. Keeping your HVAC temperature constant

Yes…you read it right. Keeping your HVAC system temperature constant around 24 or 25 degree Celsius rather than operating it on 18 or 19 degree Celsiuscan actually save your electricity bill. Operating Air Conditioner on higher temperature (around 24 or 25 degree Celsius) needs lower energy while operating on lower temperature (around 18 or 19 degree Celsius) uses higher amount of energy. So operating your HVAC system on higher temperature constantly can reduce your cooling bill.


  1. Reduce Sunlight

This summer reduce the sunlight rays that enters yours house through windows by applying best quality reflecting glasses on your windows. Blocking the heat rays coming directly from sun into your house through the windows will keep your room cool and also the HVAC system will also require less temperature to operate in that room which will directly reduce the energy and this will lead to the decrease in your electricity billing.


  1. Using ceiling fans

Using ceiling fans in your house can actually be the best way to reduce your electricity bill this summer. Ceiling fans circulates the cool air and operating ceiling fan after operating your HVAC system for sometime will result in decrease of your cooling bills.


  1. Switching to LED lights

Applying normal lightother than LED’s gives less light and more heat in your house area which makes your HVAC system to use higher amount of energy which generally leads to increase in electricity bills. So this summer replace your current lights with the LED lights which are a great source of light. LED’s require very less energy to operate and gives more light and negligible heat energy which makes HVAC system to work efficiently as they do not release heat in your house. So switching to LED’s this summer would be great idea to decrease your electricity bills.


  1. Don’t cool empty house

Most of us leave our HVAC system on cooling when we leave outside of our house for any reason for sometime. Leaving HVAC on cooling mode in an empty house leads to increase in electricity bills. So this summer when you go outside of your houses for sometime switch off your HVAC system entirely. This will reduce the usage of energy and the billing amount will also be less.


  1. Use smart thermostat

One of the reasons in your higher electricity bills can be your older thermostat. Older thermostats are not able to manage the heating and cooling energy usage efficiently. This summer replace your older thermostat with the latest one. Modern thermostats are highly eligible to manage the heating and cooling energy efficiently. Using modern thermostat can definitely lead to decrease in your electricity bill this summer.


  1. Insulate your house

Homes that not insulated properly use the more heat energy in summers that leads to increase in electricity bill. Houses that are properly insulated raising the less heat energy in the house which can definitely help you in saving electricity. This summer insulate your house properly to prevent yourself from paying heavy electricity bill this summer.