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How to Diagnose and Fix When My AC is Not Blowing Cold Air?

A faulty air conditioner does not only cause inconvenience, but it’s also costly when you have it repaired. Letting your AC run when it’s acting funny only leads to bigger problems if left unchecked.

Regular maintenance with a reliable HVAC company lengthens your AC unit’s life and keeps you cool throughout the summer. These maintenance range from cleaning, changing filters, and other procedures to ensure your unit is in its best working condition.

Leaving your AC running despite the AC not blowing cold air may result in greater damages. Here are the possible reasons why your unit isn’t giving you the coldness that you need.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Low refrigerant levels

AC units may be low on refrigerants if they don’t cool properly. It may be due to a leak or being undercharged. Before adding more refrigerant it is wise to check for leaks. Leaks can be a serious problem both to your unit and the environment

Faulty Compressor

The compressor moves the refrigerant between the inside and outside the unit. It is the heart of your air conditioning system.  It is wise to have professionals have a look at it, as a damaged compressor may require replacement of the outside unit. We are more than capable of helping you with this problem

Damaged Air Ducts

A damaged duct system greatly reduces the energy efficiency of a heating and air conditioning system. The conditioned goes directly from the furnace to the living space. When there is damage in the duct, hot air from the attic goes into your home, making it seem like your unit is not blowing cold air. There is various reason to why this could happen. Contact us and we’ll solve your problem for you.

Broken Condenser Fan

Without a properly working condenser fan, the outdoor unit will no longer be able to dissipate heat and cool your house off. Your outdoor unit will no longer be able to dissipate heat and cool your house off if you have a faulty condenser fan. Try checking the power breakers. If all else fails, give us a call and we’ll be right on it.

Thermostat Settings

The thermostats must be set to “on” If you find that your air conditioning unit is blowing cool and lukewarm air on and off. Set your thermostat to “auto” and see if it makes a difference. When the thermostat is set to “on”, it usually runs the fan 24/7, even when the air isn’t being cooled.

Dirty Air Filter

When the air filter is full of straining particles from the indoor air supply, there will most likely be lesser air passing through, which means your air conditioning unit has lesser air to condition. Check your air filter and if needed, replace it. If you find any more problems, contact us.

Dirty Outdoor Unit

The air conditioner’s indoor unit transfers heat to the outside unit once it absorbs the heat from the outside. If you don’t remove any debris that causes blockage, your AC will struggle to cool your home. This is because the heat that is building up can’t get out. Get a hose and hose down the outside unit nice and easy. Be careful not to bend the aluminum fins inside if using high-powered streams.

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